About Us


Why Give Me A Chance?

Nearly two decades of civil war, high crime rates and high HIV / AIDS prevalence in Uganda among others has rendered Uganda a nation of orphans.

The persistent armed rebellion in certain parts of the country has adversely retarded the vital functions of the affected and neighbouring communities with respect to economic, political, social and other operations.

This is one of the major factors for the incidence of street children, prostitution, child-headed families, child labour, high HIV/AIDS prevalence, child soldiers, poverty, internally displaced persons, crime, etc.

Our Objectives:

To give every individual child a chance to live a good and responsible life.
To support governments efforts which aim at bringing peace, stability and sustainable development.
To promote collaboration among all stakeholders.

Our programmes:
Give Me A Chance has three (3) main programmes under which all our projects are categorized and these are: -

Child protection and crime prevention.
Civil peace.
Community building.

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